Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Clean Green Solar Machine (CGSM)?

The CGSM is the first scalable Personal Power Plant and is the future of reliable and uninterrupted renewable energy; it is the most innovative and versatile power source on the market, uniquely possessing the ability to both produce and store clean energy at the same time. The CGSM has the ability to provide uninterrupted power by using its ultra-intelligent on-board battery management system. The CGSM is the only Personal Power Plant in the world with a computerized energy management system and it operates without ever needing to be replenished with combustible fuel.  

What makes a Personal Power Plant like the CGSM better than the previous industry standard bearer, a fuel powered generator?

There are several reasons why a Personal Power Plant like the CGSM is superior to a fuel powered generator:

  • The CGSM is powered by your choice of energy: solar, wind, the electrical grid or fuel generator.

  • The CGSM is much safer, eliminating dangerous carbon emissions and the presence of combustible fuel.

  • The CGSM saves users from both the time spent and the expenses associated with buying costly fuel.

  • With the CGSM’s onboard battery storage system, you will never have to worry about grid outages again because it has the ability to provide continuous power, even during the longest of outages.

  • The CGSM also contains an Auto-Walk Drive System, making it a totally mobile Personal Power Plant which allows for transportation to various locations:it is ideal for work settings like construction sites, telecom equipment, or even rural medical centers.

  • The CGSM provides real-time reporting of both power usage and storage levels.

  • The CGSM is a silent Personal Power Plant, eliminating the noisy disturbances associated with fuel generators.

  • Users can utilize the CGSM for on or off-grid applications, providing flexibility of use for residential, small business, recreational or remote project locations.

How does the CGSM work? Does it get connected to the main electrical panel?

The CGSM is a very flexible product and is designed to power pre-selected critical loads during a grid outage and can continuously provide power on a daily basis. The versatility of the CGSM is seamless and a certified technician will consult with you to determine what solution is optimal for your needs. The CGSM is designed to power energy systems on or off-grid. The CGSM transmits power from solar, wind or your utility to fulfill your electrical needs and charges the device’s internal batteries. Therefore, when the grid goes down you will have continuous power;it’s just like having a Personal Power Plant of your own!

CGSM Renewable (1).png
CGSM Renewable (2).png

How much power does the CGSM provide?

The base model of the CGSM is our “Inlighten” unit and possesses 12kWh of battery storage. The CGSM “Boost” unit doubles the battery storage, providing 24kWh to support elevated power needs and or for longer periods of power supply. The CGSM can run 6.5 kW of power continuously. It is also designed to handle a surge of up to 18kW for 20 seconds. The CGSM can charge and provide power simultaneously, meaning that even when utility power is unavailable the CGSM continues to provide you power via the onboard battery storage. The onboard battery storage will replenish itself with power provided from solar or wind, ensuring you never lose power again.

Where do I store the CGSM?

Unlike fuel generators, this Personal Power Plant has no emissions and is designed to be stored inside or outside. Please note, for outdoor usage adequate shelter is required. The CGSM is superior to a fuel powered generator because it eliminates the need to worry about ventilation, carbon monoxide build up and potential smoke damage; that’s all a thing of the past, thanks to the brand new CGSM! The CGSM can be stored in your garage, basement or any location you deem convenient in your home or business. The CGSM also has an Auto-Walk Drive System so taking your power with you has never been easier. Simply charge it and take it wherever you need power!

Can a customer install a CGSM?

Installation requires a certified CGSM technician. The unit arrives fully assembled and installation can be completed in just a few hours. Just imagine, having your own Personal Power Plant in just a few hours! The CGSM is truly a turn-key solution for any situation, even when the electrical grid is down.

It is incumbent upon your installer to comply with the local permit requirements and ensure that the CGSM is being installed to local code requirements. Additionally, some utilities may require interconnection review and approval for battery systems. This entire process is coordinated and fulfilled by your certified technician.

How can I determine my power requirements?

When the CGSM has sufficient solar/wind/utility power connected it will charge the onboard storage as well as provide power to your electrical loads. If there is not a charging source providing power to the CGSM, it will automatically switch to the onboard battery storage to provide power until the charging source is available. The CGSM Inlighten has 12kWh of onboard battery storage capacity. One may also purchase the Boost model which adds an additional 12kWh of battery storage capacity. In total, the CGSM can store up to 24kWh of power! The CGSM has an onboard monitoring system with an enhanced digital, touchscreen display panel which provides users real-time information on power production, power usage and storage in an easy-to-read, user-friendly manner. This makes managing and monitoring your Personal Power Plant easier than ever.

Does my CGSM have an automatic transfer switch? 

Yes, the CGSM has an internal ATS which allows for the seamless transfer of power from the electrical grid to the onboard battery system, whenever you need it. The CGSM has internal settings which affords users the ability to choose their source of power at any moment. In other words, you can choose to run power from your CGSM continuously or opt for the utility’s electrical grid, switching back and forth with ease! The CGSM has the ability to provide you continuous power no matter which settings you decide to use. The CGSM also has an unheard of transfer time of less than 10 milliseconds. You’ll never even notice when the utility power goes out because now you have your own Personal Power Plant!

Will the CGSM meet the power specifications in my region?

The CGSM comes with multiple output options for operability in any region. The CGSM can output power at 50Hz or 60Hz. It will automatically provide power at 100Vac-110Vac-120Vac or 220Vac-230Vac-240Vac.

How much space is required for my CGSM?

The CGSM offers a very large amount of power in an easy-to-use, compact package. At 41in(1.0414m)L x 29.5in(.7493m)W x 34.5in(.8763m)H the CGSM is the same size as a standard fuel generator.

However, unlike a stationary fuel powered generator, this Personal Power Plant has an AUTO-WALK DRIVE SYSTEM . Simply put, getting power wherever and whenever you need has never been easier!

How many models of the CGSM are available?

Currently we offer two options of the CGSM. The Inlighten model is the base model and offers 12kWh of storage and 6.5 kW of continuous power output. The Boost model doubles the storage capacity on the CGSM to 24kWh for extended usage.

Does the CGSM come with a warranty?

The Clean Green Solar Machine comes with a 4-year limited warranty.